Lisa ***** reviewed Nerf battle zone — 5 star

September 18 at 2:50 PM · 

These guys! I don't even know how to describe how much I would recommend them!

They came along to a fundraiser my husband and I organised and they were truly professional.

First of all, I had to disappoint them as we'd originally booked the Nerf range as well as their food stock but I'd underestimated how much room they'd need so I had to cancel that on the day. Tigger took this like a true professional although I'm sure, as a fellow business owner, he'd have been a bit annoyed - he certainly didn't show this.

They were supplying the sweet foods however offered their hot dogs and nachos when another food vendor let us down at the last minute. They became our heroes of that moment!

Then, 500+ clients showed up! They were absolutely hammered! I mean, truly, hammered! However, the whole team were incredibly patient and worked their butts off to ensure each person they served were met with smiley faces and fantastic quality food.

Not only that, they even offered some advice when it came to packing away the bouncy castles.

Tigger, Sarah and Dave are the A-Team and I will definitely be hiring these guys again for our next event!


Charlotte **** reviewed Nerf battle zone — 5 star

April 22 · 

My son had his 5th birthday party with Nerf Battle Zone today and it was awesome! The kids all had a great time and loved every minute. The Nerf guys were great with them and even the mums and dads and grans joined in. Not sure who enjoyed it more! � I highly recommend this for a kids / adult party - a big high five from all of us - and thank you for making it such a great party! ��


Aimee ***** reviewed Nerf battle zone — 5 star

September 24, 2016 · 

Had a party today with the guys from Nerf Battle Zone.. WOW.. the guys were absolutely amazing with all the kids, kept them thoroughly entertained for the whole 90 minutes. Had some of the adults joining in too. Couldn't rate them high enough.. All the kids said it was the best party EVER !

Thanks again guys.. Video to follow ! X




Richard ***** reviewed Nerf battle zone — 5 star

February 10 · 

What an excellent afternoon, well arranged, well presented, great interaction with the kids, wonderfully understanding and empathetic about children's different abilities, caring and making sure everyone got involved.
From 6-63 year olds playing in one giant game.
Great work, keep it up.


Mac ***** reviewed Nerf battle zone — 5 star

January 13 · 

These guys are absolutely crazy!! Booked them for my sons party today and it was amazing!! Highly recommend, came along and keep the kids entertained for a full 90 mins which let us parents sit back and relax until they got us up and involved!! Fab fun!!